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The First Kizomba Club and school in Hamburg

Ben Craig, one of the most prominent Kizomba teachers and DJs in Hamburg, is working now on the renovation of what is going to be the first club and studio in Hamburg dedicated mostly to Kizomba. This is expected to give a big push to the Kizomba scene in Hamburg, exciting times!
I asked Ben a couple of questions about it.

Tell us about the new place you are working on, is it a club, school, or a studio?

It’s the First Kizomba School and a Dance Bar which means besides teaching we will provide Finger Foods & Snacks in our Menu. Kizomba & More Dance Bar.

What is the reason you’ve decided to open it rather than just continue teaching using other studios?

Because Kizomba don’t have an identification place as the main dance, it´s always sideline and i personally sometimes  have to cancel my classes because where I am teaching the owner decides to rent to someone without any compromise. I have also lost Students due to that kind of behaviour, it shows unseriousness and missing of my professionalism any time such cancelations happen.

How did you select the place? Did friends or dance students helped you along the way?

First was easy transportation and a home for Kizomba. Yes, some students of mine are helping, we are now in a kind of a break because my inner Architect is not completed with the plan so we need to hold on somehow. But hopefully this week we can get things going once again.

What activities are you planning to have there?

It’s going to be open from Mondays till Sundays (Everyday). We will add other teachers from other dances. For example Salsa, Bachata, Forro, Samba, Tango, Hip Hop and some other african dances besides Kizomba. We will also have Events every night except Wednesdays which will still be at Empire Lounge. We will offer workshops almost every Weekend. Cocktails, alcoholic and non Alcoholic Beverages.

Thanks Ben for his answers and the pics he have sent. I am looking foreword to see the new place opens and the impact it is going to have on the Kizomba scene in Hamburg. 

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