Nelson Frietas for the Hamburg Kizomba Blog

Nelson Frietas is one of the most successful and famous Kizomba singers right now.
He was born in the Netherlands and his parents came from Cape Verde. Last year he had released his last Albom “Four” and I wanted to ask him a couple of questions about this Album and his tours.

Please tell us about a song from your last Album “Four” that has a special meaning to you.

Miuda Linda has a special meaning to me cause it’s the 1’st song where I got out of my comfort zone and sang it in Portuguese.
I was a bit worried about how my fans would react to it but the feedback was great.

How was the making of your last Album different from the previous Albums?
It’s always a challenge to surprise the fans so the process is always different.
Searching for a new sound is the hardest thing in this process but once I have it the rest flows naturally.

Are there any plans to make a tour in Europe and especially in Hamburg soon?
I am doing a summer tour but unfortunately, Hamburg is not included yet but who knows we will be there soon. In the meanwhile catch me in Portugal this summer.

How was your last concert in Hamburg? (It took place at 2010)
It was great, I felt a lot of love in Germany.

Thanks Nelson for his answers, we hope to see him soon in Hamburg again and wait for much more beautiful songs also in Portuguese.




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