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The dancer who developed an app

In this interview, Max Cornet is telling about his app Mapdance, that can help you find where to dance Kizomba and other dance styles in every city you visit.

Max is not a businessman, but just a Kizomba, Salsa and Bachata dancer like you and me. Mapdance is still quite new but it is already getting more and more popular and many of you might have used it already.

How did you get the idea to develop the Mapdance app?

Like any passionate kizomba dancer, when traveling around, we were asking ourselves “Where can we dance tonight”? Most of the times, we couldn’t find accurate information on Google or FB so we definitely thought something was missing and overall that we were not the only one to have this problem. That is how MapDance has born. The goal of the platform is to help dancers to practice their passion and develop the entire dance community.

Which types of dances do you dance and for how long?
Do you still go to lessons?

I have been dancing Kizomba, Bachata and Salsa for 7 years. Even if I don’t take lessons anymore, I’m still learning by looking at good dancers and practicing! On my mind, this is the key to improve and to enjoy.

You have quit your last job in order to develop the app. It means you really believe in it, but it is also a big risk. How did you get the courage to do that?

Yes, I have quit my previous job to take care about MapDance and develop the platform. Two main things gave me the courage to do it and are my light every day. The first one is that I didn’t start it alone but with a friend and we are still working on it together. The second one is that MapDance was the opportunity for me (and for him) to combine work and pleasure which is very rare today!

Everyone we meet tells us this is a great project and some of them (they can be dancers, artist, DJ, dance school owners, festival organizers…) want to help and support strongly the project. We really consider that as a chance and it is a wonderful reward for us. The fact is you don’t develop the dance community without dancers. That’s why we thought to make a platform for them and actually, it works so let’s go on!!

I can say today that it is just the beginning of an amazing story, the first chapter. Indeed, we have so many ideas to develop that the only thing we miss is time. The platform transforms month by month. When dancers will wake up the 1st of January 2018, the website and the mobile app will have change very much?

Thanks Max for telling us about himself and the app. You can also watch here the video interview we have done together.


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