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Kizomba in Timbar

The Timbar parties take place every third Friday of the month at the stage club, I visited there last month (March 17). There is one bigger hall with Timba (Cuban Salsa) and one smaller hall with a mix of Bachata and Kizomba. It is described as Bachata kisses Kizomba and DJana Kiz is playing the music there.
In the small hall there is a real fireplace just in the middle of the room, I have never saw that in a dance party before…

At the start of the evening it was still on and people were sitting around it but later during the party it was closed.
In the same hall there is also a Salsa lesson at the start of the evening so Kizomba an music starts only around midnight. There was a friendly and energetic atmosphere around and of what I saw people rarely refused a dance offer.
I enjoy dancing bachata too but if you are looking only for Kizomba you might get a bit bored.
The age range is quite wide, as well as the type of people so I would say that anybody could feel at home there. The Kizomba dance level was mixed but the average is not that high which is understandable as Kizomba is just another dance style offered wp-1489835921897.jpgnext to others and not in the main focus of the place. The music was good, some hits like Louca by G-Amado as well as less played songs like Meu Amor by Puto Prata.

It was quite full inside and sometimes even not enough place to dance, but it’s better then to have an empty place right? The temperature was quite high too so it is recommended to wear
 a short sleeve shirt. In order to cool down I just refreshed myself going outside every couple of songs, luckily one minute in the Hamburg March weather is more than enough for that! I enjoyed also seeing some friends of my Kizomba course and cleaning my head at the end of the week.

Price: 5€ entry, 2€ Garderobe
Address: Stresemannstraße 163, 22769 Hamburg

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