What happens in Ginga stays in Ginga!

A couple of weeks ago I went to Ginga Kizomba Festival in Hamburg.

What is Ginga?

Trying to google it I did not find anything that makes sense, so I asked Maria Hover, the main organizer of Ginga Festival what is the meaning of the word Ginga:

Ginga is the Angolan word for body movement in general. So it concerns both ladies and gentlemen. its the way how the whole body and especially the hip is moving.
So the concept of Ginga Festival is ruled by the word, its about more than just steps, but about the authentic flavor and everything we need to know to become an awesome dancer.”

The Festival
The Festival took place in Billie’s studios which is a complex of dance studios. Three studios used for the workshops and at night one or sometimes two used for the parties. In the middle there was also a bar selling drinks. Guests came not only from Hamburg but from all around Germany as well as from other countries in Europe. 
For me the Festival was a good chance learn and practice a lot at a short time. Of course it’s impossible to get so much in such a short time but I took videos of the lessons summaries and I have a look at them from time to time to refresh my mind.

Lucia Nogueira

workshops that I enjoined the most were given by Lucia Nogueira. Lucia comes from Portugal and she’s teaching Kizomba all around the world. After the Festival had finished Lucia stayed in Hamburg for a couple of days to give a Kizomba teachers course dedicated for women only. Why only women you ask yourself? It’s related to women empowerment.

Lucia Nogueira

Lucia’s lessons are very clear, she doesn’t try to teach a lot but but rather focuses on a few elements and teaches them in a very structured way. At the same time she is entertaining and funny. Here you can see a summary of one of Lucia’s workshops.

The shows
In the evenings there were shows of Kizomba, Semba, Afro house as well as some other different African styles. Some of them were really interesting, I have to admit that I am not a big fan of dance shows and in Latin dance Festivals I have attended before I used to got bored of the shows.
The flashy cloths and the grandiose movements looked to me a bit artificial and but in Ginga I actually had a nice surprise, the choreography, dresses and overall atmosphere were much more natural and down to earth and this time I did enjoy watching them.

Afro house
Big part of the Festival was dedicated to Afro house, Kuduro and other African dance styles which are danced alone and not in couples.

That was another nice surprise, anybody could take part in those dances by just watching and doing and at some points the energy and fun levels in the room went really high! In the following video you can find an example, it is difficult to explain and better just to watch.

Did you also go to Ginga Festival? How did you like it? Share your experience in the comments!

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