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Getting back to the Roots

For the ones who still don’t know Archi Roots (In his Kizomba name), he is teaching Kizomba in Hamburg, usually with his fellow teacher Tine.
They give courses at different levels, and are known together simply as “Tine und Archi”.
Archi is also the founder and the main organizer of the Kizombachata Festival in Bremen which as its name implies combines Kizomba and Bachata.
I’ve asked Archi a couple of questions so we can get to know him better.

If you had to move to an isolated island and you could take with you Kizomba music of only one artist, who would it be?

It would be a singer called C4 Pedro, because he is very diversified and he sings very well.

Could you please choose for us one of his songs?

Yes, this song is one of the songs I like.

Why do you like Kizomba as music and a dance style?

In the nineties, the word “Kizomba” was not so popular as nowadays. Fortunately, in my homeland Senegal I already knew this music and back then it was called “Zouk Love” or “Cabu Love” from Cape Verde Island.
I like Kizomba because the music is relaxing and very melodic. For my opinion, Kizomba music is one of the best music styles.

Please share a tip for people who learn now dancing Kizomba.

One should try Kizomba to see if he likes it or not. First of all, one should be able to feel comfortable with closeness even with strange partners, as Kizomba is mostly danced in a close position. I recommend listening to a lot of Kizomba music in order to get to understand it and get used to it.
Understanding the music is the essence of the dance and what allows the dancers to translate the language of music as they understand it on the dance floor.

That’s very interesting and inspiring way to look at it. Where have you first danced Kizomba? Have danced before some other dance styles?

I already danced Kizomba in the nineties and Germany I’ve learned some more. Other than Kizomba I dance Salsa LA, Mambo, Bachata, Dancehall and some more dances.

Could you please tell us about the Kizombachata Festival? 

The KizomBachata festival in Bremen is a nice familiar festival. Every year the organizers with the help of instructors and DJs, try to make it better. Our target is that every single guest would be able to fully enjoy and feel themselves at home. For us also the satisfaction of the artists and the workshop’s participants is very important.
The Festival is getting slowly more popular and successful only by word of mouth. We plan to organize the festival again next year and happy to see more guests.

Could you please tell us about your Kizomba courses in Hamburg?

The Kizomba courses with Christine are taking place for almost 3 years already in Hamburg and we are happy that the courses grow and we’re able to share our passion to Kizomba with more people.

I’ve found this picture on your Facebook page, it’s from the African championship, are you also a soccer (Foßball) player?

Yes, but unfortunately I don’t have time for it anymore due to my work.

Thanks Archi for answering our questions. As you can see he is an interesting guy, very active and have different interest areas.
If you’d like to join one of his courses in Hamburg, contact him at djarchiroots@gmail.com


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