Kizomba Breeze

A new big Kizomba event called Kizomba Breeze was published recently. It’s a cooperationby a group called Kizomba Allstars, made by Organizers, Djs and Kizomba instructors. I was curious to learn more about it, so I asked Maria Maluca, who is one of the organizers a couple of questions about the event. The original conversation took place inside “Kizomba in Hamburg” Facebook group. Erzähl…

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Ginga Festival 2017

Ginga Festival will take place this year in Hamburg on the 31/Mar-2/Apr. The program of the Festival includes workshops and parties. Here are some of the topics covered in the workshops, I added some links with youtube examples: Kizomba, Lead and follow, Semba, Ndombolo, Kuduro,  Coupe Decale, Tarraxinha, Afrohouse, Ginga, Urban Kizz, Azonto, Afrobeat and more. Kizomba takes a big part of the program…

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