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Getting back to the Roots

For the ones who still don’t know Archi Roots (In his Kizomba name), he is teaching Kizomba in Hamburg, usually with his fellow teacher Tine. They give courses at different levels, and are known together simply as “Tine und Archi”. Archi is also the founder and the main organizer of the Kizombachata Festival in Bremen which as its name implies…

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What happens in Ginga stays in Ginga!

A couple of weeks ago I went to Ginga Kizomba Festival in Hamburg. What is Ginga? Trying to google it I did not find anything that makes sense, so I asked Maria Hover, the main organizer of Ginga Festival what is the meaning of the word Ginga: “Ginga is the Angolan word for body movement in general. So it concerns both ladies and…

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Ginga Festival 2017

Ginga Festival will take place this year in Hamburg on the 31/Mar-2/Apr. The program of the Festival includes workshops and parties. Here are some of the topics covered in the workshops, I added some links with youtube examples: Kizomba, Lead and follow, Semba, Ndombolo, Kuduro,  Coupe Decale, Tarraxinha, Afrohouse, Ginga, Urban Kizz, Azonto, Afrobeat and more. Kizomba takes a big part of the program…

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