Lena Hülst – was ist wichtig beim Tanz Partner

Wenn du schon in Hamburg Kizomba tanzt, kennst du unbedingt Lena Hülst. Sie ist nicht nur sehr begeisterte und freundliche Tänzerin, sie tanzt auch sehr schön! In diesem Interview habe ich Lena ein paar Fragen über die Musik, Tanzen und über sie gefragt.  Dammit können wir Lena besser könnenzulernen! Hi Lena, wie lange Tanzt du schon Kizomba? Wie hast du Kizomba gelernt? Ich…

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Festivals, Instructors

Getting back to the Roots

For the ones who still don’t know Archi Roots (In his Kizomba name), he is teaching Kizomba in Hamburg, usually with his fellow teacher Tine. They give courses at different levels, and are known together simply as “Tine und Archi”. Archi is also the founder and the main organizer of the Kizombachata Festival in Bremen which as its name implies…

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Kizomba Breeze

A new big Kizomba event called Kizomba Breeze was published recently. It’s a cooperationby a group called Kizomba Allstars, made by Organizers, Djs and Kizomba instructors. I was curious to learn more about it, so I asked Maria Maluca, who is one of the organizers a couple of questions about the event. The original conversation took place inside “Kizomba in Hamburg” Facebook group. Erzähl…

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What happens in Ginga stays in Ginga!

A couple of weeks ago I went to Ginga Kizomba Festival in Hamburg. What is Ginga? Trying to google it I did not find anything that makes sense, so I asked Maria Hover, the main organizer of Ginga Festival what is the meaning of the word Ginga: “Ginga is the Angolan word for body movement in general. So it concerns both ladies and…

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Kizomba Venues

Kizomba in Timbar

The Timbar parties take place every third Friday of the month at the stage club, I visited there last month (March 17). There is one bigger hall with Timba (Cuban Salsa) and one smaller hall with a mix of Bachata and Kizomba. It is described as Bachata kisses Kizomba and DJana Kiz is playing the music there. In the small…

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Kizomba Dance

What is Urban Kiz?

Urban Kiz is a dance style based on Kizomba. It has started in France just a couple of years ago. The “Kiz” refers to Kizomba and the “Urban” refers to other music and dance styles that are mixed into it: Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, house and ghetto zouk. A few differences between Urban Kiz and Kizomba: – Dance position is more open so…

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